Life Experience

Our own journey to finding a healthy lifestyle has given us insight into the many challenges each of us encounter. This enables us to bring a high level of respect, understanding and empathy towards our clients.

 ART OF HEALTH AND LIFESTYLE  is a thriving hub of evolving health and lifestyle elements designed to empower you with a body to live your life to the fullest. Encompassing lifestyle, holistic health and wellbeing, our mission is to treat, educate and guide you through your own personal journey to exceptional health, inner peace and abundance. We work, live and play by the rules, ‘quality before quantity’ ‘better is better’ and ‘prevention is the cure’. By taking greater care today, you are always better tomorrow.

Health Guidance

Extensive experience allows us to guide you to a healthier version of you. Our success stories reflect our ability to connect with our clients and help them improve their health and lifestyle.

As a result our life skills, education and our deep desire to help others, allows us to provide you, the client, with all the tools and methods you need to  achieve your goals.

REACTIV8 SPORTS MASSAGE provides premium Remedial, Sports and Therapeutic Massage treatments  which will relieve pain, enhance movement and ensure both the body and mind are aligned and balanced.

Its now universally accepted that improving the way we breathe has major health benefits. Yet 90% of people still struggle to breathe correctly. Our AirPlay Breath-Care courses and classes are simple, very effective and will be the cornerstone to improving your breathing.

Barefoot Art and Craft Workshops are a great opportunity for people in our community to get more connected. A common unity of learning and creativity is the perfect foundation for building and improving relationships within our community.

Our Love Your Engine Room Employee Health & Wellbeing Program is the way of ensuring you’re taking good care of what’s driving your business. The program directly addresses the issues of stress, posture and movement disfunction. Our workplace massage therapy, breathing, mindfullness and mobility enhancement programs are guaranteed to have a positive impact on the health of the workers and your business. All the programs are flexible and can be tailored for all types of businesses, with the option of on and offsite consultations.


At Reactiv8 Sports Massage our focus is on providing consistent, quality massage, bodywork and inspiration that enhances the health and wellbeing of our clients. We believe that regular massage helps alleviate damaging stress, improves mobility and elevates levels of mindfulness. We are absolutely committed to making professional, quality, low cost services available to all our valued clients.

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