Essentials for Health

Body Alignment Massage

Living a healthy balanced life isn’t being self indulgent. Its bloody smart. Caring for your body is a fundamental necessity of life. Massage will relax and decompress your body, allowing your nervous system to down regulate and release mood boosting hormones such as Oxytocin. Consultations include an assessment and treatment which relieves pain, aligns the body (physically and mentally) as well as enhances your body’s movement. Remedial and Therapeutic Massage techniques are used as indicated.

AirPlay Breath Coaching

Level 1 Breathing Course (Online)


AirPlay is exactly that, it is the art of playing with the air we breathe!  It’s simple, easy to learn and will be the cornerstone to creating major positive changes to your physical health and mental wellbeing. The AirPlay Course is a compilation of easy to master breath techniques designed to restore and optimise your body. 

The course consists of:

1 x 1 hour Introductory Workshop

1 x 6 week program of daily breath exercises.

Instructional Videos

Online support and mentoring 

In-Rhythm – Breathing Class

$50 p/m

Our In-Rhythm breath classes are  designed to further develop the breathing skills of participants who have completed the Level 1 course. The classes dive deeper into unlocking the powerful health benefits of rhythmical breathing. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 

Personalised Breath Coaching


Personalised breath sessions are available to clients needing more one to one coaching.  Duration 45 minutes 

Healthy Living Subscription

Commitment to a program and consistency with bodywork treatment are crucial to living a healthy life. To make the commitment easier and more affordable our Healthy Living Subscriptions allows clients to subscribe to our services using a secure direct debit facility. Subscribers are rewarded by receiving discounts on all our services and products and receive priority booking with appointments. Making a life changing commitment to your health has never been any easier.

How does the Healthy Living Subscription work?

Very simply, clients choose a level of subscription that will suit their health requirements and their budget most. Weekly, monthly and quarterly options are available. Subscribers then conveniently use our secure Ezidebit facility to make weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. Clients can then book and enjoy their allocated treatments, classes and workshops without the worry of paying. According to our current subscribers this is one their favourite features of the program. “With no transaction at the time of consultation it feels like you’re getting it for free”.

If I miss a consultation do I lose it?

Absolutely not! Subscribers can miss consultations by redeeming multiple consultations the following week, month or quarter depending on the level of their subscription. However we do recommend you try to be as consistent as possible with consultations as the benefits to your body are superior.

Can I share my subscription?

Yes, sharing a subscription is allowed but only with direct family members. In fact we encourage this. Your own health journey is always easier and more enjoyable when your loved ones are on a similar path.

Will the cost of my subscription ever increase?

NO!! The cost of subscription will remain the same as long as you stay in the program. If you choose to leave and then decide to re-join 12 months later, you will pay more if the price of subscriptions has increased.

Are there any other fees I will have to pay?

To keep things affordable all our fees are capped. The program rewards loyalty so we can keep all fees and price rises under control. Here’s what you’ll pay:

  • A One Time Joining Fee as follows:
    • Essence Subscriptions – $97
      • In return Essence subscribers receive a FREE Essence Body Alignment Massage Gift Voucher on joining. (Value $120)
    • Enrich Subscriptions – $67
      • In return Enrich subscribers receive a FREE Enrich Body Alignment Massage Gift Voucher on joining (Value – $85)
  • Subscribers also pay $1.00 per Ezidebit transaction fee for transfers from Bank Accounts and $2.00 per transaction from Credit Cards.

How many subscriptions are being sold?

To ensure we can deliver on all that we promise, the number of subscriptions we are selling is limited. Once the quota for each level is filled no more will be sold. Positions will only come available if people decide to leave the program. Our program, which has been running for 18 months, has retained 100% of subscribers, which would indicate vacancies would not occur often once we’re full.

Squat – Twist – Move Mobility Coaching