The AirPlay Level 1 Breath Course will educate and empower you with the knowledge and skills to breathe better. It is estimated 90% of our population are poor breathers. Furthermore it is now universally accepted that breathing better will improve your health, both physically and mentally. In addition to this you will experience:

  • a greater resilience to ALL stress
  • improved sleep patterns
  • enhanced concentration and decision making
  • better metabolism, digestion and weight control
  • higher levels of consciousness and self awareness, that will improve relationships.

Objectives of the AirPlay course:

  1.  IMPROVE YOUR BREATHING MECHANICS - using your nose and diaphragm will result in greater breath control and efficiency. It will reduce neck and upper back tension as a result of breathing via the mouth. 
  2. LOWER YOUR BREATH RATE - lowering your breath rate will initiate a change in tone to your nervous system. As a result leaving you far less exposed to the damaging effects of stress.
  3. INCREASE CARBON DIOXIDE TOLERANCE IN YOUR BODY - a greater tolerance to CO2 will improve your ability to perform better in stressful situations. Furthermore you will also be increasing the amount of Oxygen the body can use. Hence improving functions such as metabolism and sleep. Consequently assisting with the control of your body weight and energy levels.

The course consists of:

1 x 1 hour Introductory Course Workshop

1 x 6 week program of daily breath exercises.

Instructional Videos

Online support, mentoring and bucket loads of inspiration 


Price: $197.00

Shipping: $0.00

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